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Context and experience

  • More than 2,500 commercial-private or domestic EV chargers sold under the iHunt brand in Romania;

  • Permanent work point in China and team with a detailed understanding of the development, identification of resources and manufacturing facilities, logistics and quality control;

  • Having experience in the development of both software and hardware, we are dedicated to offering intuitive, efficient products and solutions with an excellent price-quality ratio;

  • iHunt EV is 100% owned by iHunt Technology Import Export SA;

  • iHunt, company awarded in the "Made in Romania" final, organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

  • BVB AERO listed company
    Stock symbol: HUNT


  • To drive the growth of electromobility, we aim to overcome the challenges associated with traditional charging networks. In contrast to frustrating experiences such as difficult-to-use apps, broken stations or often offline charging points, our vision is focused on providing a reliable, accessible and easy-to-use infrastructure. Our mission is to make the electric vehicle driver experience as smooth and efficient as possible, removing obstacles that can discourage the adoption of electromobility.

  • Reducing the level of complexity associated with opening new locations, along with offering a pay-per-success payment method, at the manufacturer's price (payment from charging income) of the equipment, we aim to become the largest network of charging points in Romania and beyond.

Identification data

  • iHunt Technology Import Export SA

  • Phone: (+40) 021 9951

  • Email:

  • Address: Str. Marin Mehedinţeanu, Nr. 1F, Ploieşti, România

  • C.I.F.: RO34184455

  • Nr. Reg. Com.: J29/330/2015

  • Capital Social: 7.520.000,00 Lei

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