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The future
seen today

The EV Charging platform
that gives

your business
free smart chargers*

*No initial payment. The station is paid, at the manufacturer's price, from the charging session's income.
*Limited offer, subject to location approval.


Earn money with iHunt EV

Install and collect.

With almost zero investment

1. Apply for a smart iHunt EV charger*

2. An iHunt EV specialist contacts you, answers your questions, confirms your eligibility

3. Sign the contract, install the smar charger

4.Receive money monthly

*The station is paid from charging income, at manufacturer's price

*Maximum 1 DC charger or 2 AC chargers with payment from charging sessions income


Our smart EV chargers

Compact size

Fast installation

Fully automated

EV Chargers
at the manufacturer's price

Start your business with iHunt EV with almost zero investment.

The smart chargers are paid from the income of the charging sessions, at manufacturer's price:

  1. iHunt EV PRO 22 kW - 1695 Lei

  2. iHunt EV DC 30 kW - 19,900 Lei

  3. iHunt EV DC 40 kW - 24,900 Lei


Complete and Automated


  • Just select from our stock the smart EV charger or chargers suitable for your electric infrastructure, backed by the advice provided by the iHunt EV team.

  • Afterwards, install the smart chargers via a licensed electrician, while also having our support for the implementation.

  • Made available to your customers, the iHunt EV app is specially developed for ease of use.

  • And most importantly, everything is automated, so at the beginning of each month you will receive the proceeds for the charges from the previous month. The flow of money is transparent and available in real time.

Intuitive app

The iHunt EV app was designed for the simplest and most intuitive use.

Your customers can start charging in seconds by following 3 easy steps.


Everything is included

  • EV Chargers at manufacturer's price, with internet included;

  • Extremely easy to use Customer app;

  • Efficient, tested and reliable back-end;


  • Secure payment system;

  • Fully automated billing;

  • Automatic debugging system built into the charger;

  • Ultra-fast service, with an exchange charger during the repair.

At iHunt EV, we are focused on excellence, answering the current problems of existing networks, all for added comfort and confidence for our users and partners.


Fixed costs?ZERO!

At iHunt EV, not only do we offer the

lowest price per location in the industry, but we have also created a business model that reduces the initial investment to almost zero.

Operating a station in the iHunt EV network involves only a small portion of the revenue, ensuring that you only pay for the achieved success.


A cleaner future.

More and more electric vehicle models leave the factory with neutral carbon footprint by using recycled materials and carbon-offset programs, while the major manufacturers already have plans to reach a fully neutral footprint on all processes of an EV in the following years.

By promoting electric mobility, together we contribute to a sustainable future and a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations.


that works

We are aware that in the area of electric vehicle charging there are many networks that experience operational problems.

At iHunt EV, we believe in efficiency and reliability. We warmly invite existing smart EV charger owners and network operators to take the step towards a flawless charging experience.

Join the iHunt EV Network and transform the charging experience for your users!

Contact us today to learn more about integration and the benefits of being part of our functional network.

Advanced technical solutions
Extensive interoperability
iHunt EV is 100% owned by iHunt Technology Import Export SA,
A company awarded in the "Made in Romania" final, organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

BVB AERO Listed company
Stock symbol: HUNT
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